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Berger Picard Club of America Code of Ethics:

General Conduct

As a member of the Berger Picard Club of America  (BPCA), I:

A) Consider the welfare of the breed and refrain from actions contrary to the best interests of the breed or the Club.

B) Maintain the highest possible standards of physical and social care. This includes, but is not limited to proper

veterinary care, good nutrition, regular exercise and grooming and regular contact with people and exposure to the outside

world for proper socialization. 

C) Accept and support the Constitution and Bylaws of BPCA.

D) Demonstrate courtesy and fairness when participating in all canine activities.

E) Am responsible for the behavior of my dogs, so they reflect the best possible image of the Berger Picard.  

F) Promote responsible dog ownership.

G) Help educate the public by providing current and accurate resources and information on the breed characteristics,

general well being, grooming, health and training of Picards.  

H) Agree to be open and honest in all matters regarding my Picards and the breed in general.

I) Advertise factually and honestly about Picards.

J) Belong to at least one registry open to the Picard, UKC or AKC-FSS.

K) Understand that violation of this COE can subject me to the disciplinary process provided by the BPCA Constitution

and Bylaws.

Breeding Berger Picards

As breeder of Berger Picards, I:

A) Only breed dogs whose progeny are eligible for future legitimate registration with the AKC or UKC.

B) Breed for the characteristics set forth in the Official Standard of the Berger Picard.

C) Use only breeding stock

     1) With sound temperament,

     2) In good health,  

     3) With no known hereditary or congenital diseases, and

     4) Test free of parasites and communicable diseases.  

D) Breed only mature dogs and bitches.

    1) I only breed bitches who are approximately 2 years of age or older. If I breed a bitch on two successive seasons or

twice within 12 months, I do not breed her during her next two seasons or 12-month period.

    2) I only breed male dogs who are 12 months of age or older.

E) Do not breed any individual dog or bitch excessively.

F) Am knowledgeable about the genetic diseases affecting Picards and work to manage these and other diseases.

     1) My breeding stock over two years of age is OFA certified for hips or meets the average mean for SCWT using

PennHIP. Any breeding stock under two years of age is OFA Preliminary evaluated for hips or meets the average mean for

Picards using PennHIP.

    2) My breeding stock’s eyes are examined by a Board certified ophthalmologist prior to the first breeding and a minimum

of every two years thereafter while being bred or until age 10, whichever is later; dogs whose semen has been frozen are

tested for life or until frozen semen is no longer stored.

    3) My breeding stock undergoes blood and urine testing, including blood chemistry panel, CBC, urinalysis before the first

breeding and at least annually thereafter.

    4) I keep accurate health records on my breeding stock.

G) Use a written stud dog contract for each breeding.

H) Participate in conformation events held by Conformation clubs if at all possible, as one means to evaluate breeding stock.

I) Mentor those with whom I place breeding stock.

Placing Picards

As an owner, breeder or member who places Picards in new homes, I:

A) Make careful placements of all Picards I have bred, acquired or rescued and assist in any necessary re-homings.

B) Neither place Picard with nor provide stud dog service to:

    1) Pet dealers,

    2) Wholesalers,

    3) Brokers,

    4) Laboratories,

    5) Individuals conducting raffles, contests, auctions, or other types of giveaways, or

    6) Anyone unethical in their dealings with the public or their dealings with or treatment of purebred dogs.

C) Only place Picard puppies, which are at least 8 weeks of age, in good health, of sound temperament and in good condition

 at the time of delivery. I attest they are free of internal parasites and are protected against disease according to current

veterinary practice.

D) Require that:

    1) Non-breeding dogs be spayed or neutered,

    2) Owners advise me of any health problems, physical abnormalities and/or death of the dog and

    3) Owners advise me of their intent to place or give up the dog.

E) Provide new owners at the time of placement with

    1) AKC FSS registration transfer or application form; for non-breeding dogs, I provide for either limited or non-breeding

registrations or withhold registration papers until proof of spaying or neutering has been received,

   2) An accurate 3-generation pedigree,

   3) Complete medical records,

   4) Complete written instructions on feeding, health care, training and grooming, and

   5) A written contract or bill of sale

F) Prior to placement, I will permanently identify every puppy, by either tattoo or microchip and will register the tattoo or

microchip number with the organization myself, not relying on the new owner to do so.

G) Support new owners with advice, resources and information and include a minimum of an Associate membership in BPCA

to new owner with the sale of each puppy.

Competing with Picards

As an owner or handler of a Berger Picards at any dog event, I:

A) Am responsible for the dog’s well-being, conduct and appearance.

B) Compete with dogs that reflect the best possible image of the Berger Picard.

    1) In conformation events, my dogs conform as closely as possible to the Breed Standard as approved in the country of


    2) In companion dog events, my dogs are neat, clean and in appropriate condition for their sport.

C) Conduct myself in a professional and sportsmanlike manner at dog events and at public facilities supporting those events,

reflecting the best possible image of participants in the sport of purebred dogs.

D) Assist newcomers interested in learning about or participating in events.

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